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Cynthia Ong

Cynthia Ong

Monday, April 18, 2011

Living in Regret

i wish i was smart enough to write something more meaningful for my blog..
instead all i could think of is complain and whining...
there are a lot of factors or a lot of scenarios which i have experience worse than me..perhaps tats make me a different person..i become a thinker..but i could not express them in words..i know what i feel..
sometimes i do not understand why people like to live in regret..will it make us happier? i feel that when a person live in regret, they are just making themselves miserable and more depressed..
there is this guy i know whom i always keeping in touch wif..erm..from what i can observe, he seem to have feelings for me..but i do not know why i dont feel excited or any sparks when communicating wif him..its more like to entertain him wif conversation...or perhaps both of us are we just "layan" each other..i know i sounded very mean when saying this..anyway, i dont wan to think about what's next going to happen between me and him..i just treat him like my fren :)
i'm tired having to argue wif my mom or my sister..i dont know..isit a sign of old age..just give in and give in..or perhaps i am just too lazy to fight..:p
my sister can complain almost everyday on why she resigned from her job to a lower pay job..its like she feel nice saying the same thing everyday ..i cant even criticise her..i dont know..or else we just ended up keeping quiet..and stay in silent..
anyway..i'm tired ..i'm just looking forward to my next activity...

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